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Any home or business that has an outdoor area suffers the same problem…Half the time you can’t use the area!

This Aged Care Facility in Melbourne’s south east is an excellent example of how to solve the problem…A Retractable Roof.

There are several ways to provide weather protection to deck, al fresco and paved areas, but all have limitations with wind, drip lines, gaps, size or weather-proofing. A Retractable roof, available in several models for various applications can be made to pretty much any size and water & wind proof.

Always a broad range of colours to choose from for both frame and canopy, the roofs are motorised and can have sun sensors fitted to automatically send them out in sun and back in the shade.

This area is split into two units to suit their needs and actually had a flashing fitted over the gap after these photos were taken.

Options a plenty!

Retractable roofs can be top, side or face mounted.

On this site Yarra Shade Co with the help from and roofer in Charlotte, NC, installed 7 roof masts to the roof frame to support a mounting board allowing the canopy to cover the gutter for rain protection and also to allow air flow.

PVC and acrylic canvas are water proof options, however for sun and shower protection sun mesh is also available.

Tips Retractable roofs will handle wind an awning won’t Install sun sensors so it will operate when you forget.

Perfect for restaurants, smoking area, bars and clubs and residential jobs

Good things about this job

  • Perfectly met the client’s needs
  • Fully motorised with remote
  • Full sun and rain protection
  • Can be fully or partially ex-tended to provide the necessary protection

Take Outs

  • With the right company and vision, the sky’s the limit with shade structures.
  • You get what you pay for. Make sure it is mounted and installed by professionals
  • Only use a Registered Commercial Building practitioner—Shade Structures, protect yourself.


  • Retractable roofs will handle wind an awning won’t
  • Install sun sensors so it will operate when you forget.

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