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With super short notice and a limited budget, Wiin Solutions Construc-tion came to Yarra Shade Co to design, fabricate and build this very custom and very irregular canopy.

The goal was to water-proof the area without impeding access to the light box (tall green structure), except there isn’t a right angle anywhere and we weren’t allowed to attach to the light box itself.

The solution was to build a mechano style frame in galvanised steel which is entirely stand alone, not attached to the light box at all, but bolted to the concrete wall for stability. The gaps are then filled with a colorbond flashing and a PVC canopy rope tracked to all sides to complete the framed area.

Finally, various PVC screens and blinds were fitted to the perime-ter and from the existing glass canopies to each side.

As a customer service, Yarra Shade also installed flashing gutters and laser light over existing timber slats to complete the water-proofing.

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Good things about this job

  • Perfectly met the client’s needs
  • Completely custom
  • Custom mounting brackets made for the blinds
  • Perfect seal over the entire area

Take Outs

  • With the right company and vision, the sky’s the limit with shade structures.
  • You get what you pay for. Make sure it is mounted and installed by professionals
  • Only use a Registered Commercial Building practitioner—Shade Structures, protect yourself.


  •  PVC is the idea water proofing for commercial needs. It can be branded and is available in a huge range of colours.

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