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The biggest problem restaurant and café owners have with street dining is their umbrellas. Regular market umbrella blow away, fall over, get in the way, get hit by trucks and the base plates trip people over. To counter this, Yarra Shade Co has developed the Street Smart Umbrella. It’s the perfect solution.

Designed for a 50kg waitress to be able to put up and take down by herself in under a minute, it solves every problem.

The post slots into a ground sleeve with a keyway to prevent it spinning. The canopy then just clips on and winds up using a special 5 start thread from the USA. That’s it!

Using feedback from customers, new models lean back slightly to maximise the usable area and there is a collar sealing the top for maximum protection.

The canopy is 2.4m wide and 1.8m deep, being ideal for street dining and is available in PVC or acrylic canvas, ready to be branded.

As there are no base plates, the street smart is not only the only umbrella to comply with most council guidelines, but the are also no sandbags to trip on and it can’t blow over. The cantilever design also removes the posts from the customer area so you can arrange your tables as you wish and the posts are never in the way.

It is so good, the design is protected, so call Yarra Shade Co now for the best street dining umbrella ever!

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