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Be sure you get all the information you require with your quote. Yarra Shade Co will provide you with 3D shadow diagrams at various times of the day and a detailed itemised description of the job. For shade sails we may also provide a CAD drawing if the 3D drawings do not show the job well enough.

Make sure you understand the size of the footings, the type of concrete and steel and how they’re going to attach to your house as this is where damage can occur.

Never let anyone attach to the face of a brick wall, only the corners, unless it’s with rope-track.

The fascia or one brick is never strong enough to support a sail, it must always be attached to the frame.

Footings should be batch mixed concrete, from a truck and at least 20 MPA, not bagged or rapid set concrete which is generally about half as strong and inadequate. Make sure they’re deep enough.

Make sure it’s Australian steel, not Chinese. Australian is more expensive, but a higher quality product.

Cheep quotes generally don’t include spoil removal, make sure there’s a bin hire and spoil removal included or you’ll end up with a huge pile of dirt in your back yard.

Also, the fittings must be 316 marine grade stainless steel, forget about rope, straps, cables, galvanised parts. You get what you pay for and a cheap quote is sure to disappoint.

Ensure that if the sail is in front of your house or 3.6m high or 20m2 or more that they provide you with a building permit without being asked. They will have to be a registered building practitioner to do this, if not, they’re a cowboy and you should be very wary.

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